Hon Hai focuses on 5G patent investment


Hon Hai (2317-TW) focuses on the development of 8K+5G and related patents. 

Jou YP,the chairman of ScienBiziP Consulting Inc, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Group pointed out that Hon Hai Group invested in 5G patents is same as 5G investment scale,  the overall Hon Hai Group in the global 5G patent layout, it can be ranked 7th or 8th in global.

According to Jou YP, 5G has a wide range of applications, including IOT, Industry of Internet, 8K technology, and IOV. 

However, Jou YP said Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia are the leading firm in the current global 5G patent ranking, but if put Hon Hai and Sharp together which also can get into the top 10 as well, about ranked 7th and 8th.