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Docter Inc.與加拿大渥太華簽署合作協議備忘錄

鉅亨網新聞中心 2023-03-31 16:33

Docter Inc.與加拿大渥太華簽署合作協議備忘錄。(圖:Docter Inc.)

Docter Inc.(台灣霍恩實業有限公司)研發的智慧穿戴裝置 Docter Watch 及健康關懷雲 DocterCloud 平台技術,日前獲得加拿大渥太華市青睞,渥太華投资署認為 Docter Watch 獨特的無創血糖趨勢監測、及 DocterCloud 心臟健康監測、血管彈性監測與心肌梗塞預測等應用,在未來亞健康照護需求大增的高齡化社會前景看好,擬與 Docter Inc. 簽立合作協議備忘錄,並邀請 Docter Inc. 黃信銘董事長暨研發團隊進駐加拿大渥太華市,設立研發暨臨床試驗機構及市場營銷部門,開發北美地區智慧穿戴裝置市場。

渥太華投资署表示 “渥太華以數位健康研發能力而著稱,我們很高興通過台灣 Docter Inc. 的軟著陸設立渥太華辦公室和在北美擴張,為我們的城市增添了一份專業知識。” Invest Ottawa 全球擴張副總裁 Jens-Michael Schaal 說,“支持 Docter 在其規劃方面是一件愉快的事情,現在,作為我們 IO Global Runway 軟著陸計劃的最新軟著陸公司,我們很高興歡迎他們的加入。”

Docter Inc. 黃信銘董事長與加拿大渥太華投资署代表 Sophie Chen 於 2023 年 3 月 30 日上午假高雄市萬豪酒店簽署合作協議,並且在最關心高雄發展的許智傑立法委員、台東縣簡維國議員、加拿大駐台北貿易辦事處貿易暨投資處敬獵人處長的祝福見證下,為台加雙邊的合作發展注入強心針。

Docter Watch 智慧穿戴裝置與 DocterCloud 健康關懷雲由一家總部位於美國的穿戴式醫療設備公司 Docter Inc. 所研發設計。該公司主要從事醫療器材、醫療保健、健康管理等方面的項目,專注智慧健康領域穿戴裝置研發,包括無創血糖趨勢監測、心臟健康監測、血管彈性監測與心肌梗塞預測。Docter Inc. 在免採血非侵入式的血糖趨勢監測技術領先全球,並且持續投入大量經費,在生物雷達波技術運用於長期照護暨亞健康族群進行專項開發,搭配相關即時照護設備與 DocterCloud 健康關懷雲,落實居家健康管理效能,並且透過其智慧健康監控預測,提供獨居者、高齡者及亞健康族群完整的即時健康照護資訊。

Docter Inc. 已經解決全球 4 億罹患糖尿病病友每天扎針量測血糖數次的恐懼,所開發設計的 Docter Watch 採用的 “免採血非侵入式醣類分析” 專利技術,完全實現無創免扎針且隨時記錄血糖趨勢的健康管理模組,相關技術遙遙領先其他同類型的智慧穿戴裝置,目前也已經與多家海內外的醫療機構進行臨床測試。

此次 Docter Inc. 與加拿大渥太華投资署簽立了合作協議,除了將在北美地區進行相關健康照護的精進與測試,並且讓產品技術的安全性、可靠性、實用性得到驗證;除了發展北美市場同時佈局全球,讓健康照護與防患未病的目標可以用最簡便的方式落實。Docter Inc. 未來將借助加拿大政府的資源,繼續開發新技術並且導入物聯網、大數據與人工智能,打造穩健且形式多樣的產品,為人類帶來更多的健康福音。

(圖:Docter Inc.提供)
(圖: Docter Inc. 提供)

Taiwan Horn Enterprise Co., Ltd., known as Docter Inc., has partnered with Invest Ottawa, lead economic development agency in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, to bring their smart health technology to North America. With an aging population increasing demand for sub-health care, the health monitoring, blood vessel elasticity monitoring, and myocardial infarction prediction applications of Docter Watch and DocterCloud platform technology have been highly valued in Canada.
“Ottawa is celebrated for our digital health R&D capacity and we are thrilled to add to our city’s expertise in this sector through the soft-landing, new Ottawa office and North American expansion by Taiwan-based Docter Inc.,” said Jens-Michael Schaal, VP Global Expansion, Invest Ottawa. “It has been a pleasure to support Docter in their planning and now to welcome them as our latest soft landing company as part of our IO Global Runway soft landing program.”

The cooperation agreement was signed on March 30, 2023, at the Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel in Taiwan, between Docter Inc. Chairman Huang Xinming and Invest Ottawa’s Director of Asia Pacific,Sophie Chen. The signing was witnessed by Legislator Xu Zhijie, and Ed Jagar, the Director of Trade & Investment, Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT)

Docter Watch and DocterCloud platform technology are developed and designed by Docter Inc., a United States-based wearable medical device company. The company"s primary focus is on medical equipment, health care, and health management projects. They are leaders in non-invasive blood sugar trend monitoring technology without the need for blood collection and have invested heavily in the development of biological radar wave technology for long-term care and sub-health groups. They aim to provide complete real-time health care information for people living alone, the elderly, and sub-health groups through their smart health monitoring and prediction technology.

Docter Inc. has revolutionized the lives of 400 million diabetics worldwide by developing the Docter Watch, which uses "non-invasive blood sugar analysis without blood collection" technology, eliminating the need for needles to measure blood sugar several times a day. Their health management module of blood sugar trend is far ahead of other smart wearable devices of the same type in related technologies, and has been clinically tested with many medical institutions at home and abroad.

With the support from Invest Ottawa and resources of the Canadian government, Docter Inc. plans to continue developing new technologies, introducing the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence to create robust and diverse products that provide more health benefits to humanity. This cooperation agreement marks an important step towards their global expansion, enabling Docter Inc. to implement their health care and disease prevention goals more easily.