Evergreen Int’l Permanent President Chang Kuo-hua Cancels Today Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting


Evergreen International Permanent President Chang Kuo-hua canceled on Tuesday (May 10) an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting slated later that day, stating that it violated the company’s bylaws. The move came in response to brother Chang Kuo-ming’s call for an interim meeting of the shareholders earlier that day. 

Chang Kuo-hua denounced the meeting’s convening procedure and called the re-election proposal illegal. As the permanent president of Evergreen International Corp., he canceled the meeting and named all resolutions invalid. 

Chang Kuo-hua emphasized that the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting (EGM) of Evergreen International Corp. slated at 3 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taipei violates regulations and is illegal. 

He especially denounced the convening procedure and the proposed election of a permanent president and permanent director. 

Accordingly, he canceled the meeting immediately, and any act of convening the meeting and making the resolution is illegal and invalid.