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Wiwynn Corp. to move into three major directions this year

By Wesley Liu, cnYES 2022-05-03 13:15

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Wiwynn Corp. (6669-TW) set another record-high operation income last year. 

The leading cloud server manufacturer believes that the new post-epidemic normal will continue to boost the demand for digital transformation, which will drive the continued growth of the cloud data center industry in the future. 

Future applications include 5G, edge computing, AI, big data, metaverse and other related applications. 

According to the Wiwynn Corp. shareholder’s meeting handbook, the company will focus on three main directions: diversifying its global footprint, deepening its digital transformation, and implementing sustainable corporate management. 

In terms of global deployment, Wiwynn Corp. has already started the construction of its Malaysia plant at the end of last year and expects to complete it in 2023. 

It also plans to continue to expand its global presence in the next 2-3 years to reach 5-6 times the current scale of its production capacity, to maintain operational stability, flexibility and risk diversification. 

Wiwynn Corp. plans to introduce smart manufacturing technology in its facilities too. 

It will continue to build digital capabilities and culture among staff through the Hackathon and Digital Festival, encouraging them to apply related technologies widely and create RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that improves work efficiency. 

In terms of sustainability, Wiwynn Corp. aims to build green factories, use renewable energy, and promote the OceanHugs marine environment and eco-friendly program, using resources to protect the environment and strengthening communication with stakeholders. 

In response to extreme weather, Wiwynn Corp. said it is a global consensus to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Inline to achieve carbon neutrality or use 100% renewable energy in the next few years, Wiwynn Corp. is also developing energy-efficient and carbon-reducing power converters and cooling solutions from the R&D side. 

Last year, the company unveiled the two-phase immersion liquid cooling technology in its ultra-large data center.

Translated by DB, cnPOST