Taiwan Listed Companies’ Operating Income Exceeded NT$2 trillion mark last year, led by TSMC

According to a brief report from the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs released on May 5, listed companies benefited from the global economy’s steady growth and soaring demand, with revenue surging to NT$23.9716 trillion, an 18.1% annual increase. 

Looking at individual companies, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (2330-TW) continues to occupy the top spot, while Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (3481-TW) and Innolux Corp. (3481-TW) took the second and third spots, respectively, the ministry said. 

Pere data from the Department of Statistics, the manufacturing sector accounts for 71.4% of last year’s total revenue (1,142 of the listed companies), or NT$20.2074 trillion, an annual increase of 18.3%. 

The top three companies are Hon Hai Precision (2317-TW) with NT$3.6437 trillion in consolidated revenue, and TSMC and Compal Electronics Inc. with NT$1.5747 trillion and NT$1.1716 trillion, respectively. 

In terms of profitability, TSMC led the manufacturing industry with an operating income of NT$629.6 billion last year. According to the Department of Statistics, Innolux and Formosa Petrochemical ranked second and third with NT$59.3 billion and NT$54.6 billion, respectively. 

TSMC also led fixed asset investment with NT$793.3 billion, an annual increase of 60.5%, with UMC (2303-TW) and Innolux contributing NT$37.6 billion and NT$23 billion, respectively. 

Last year, the non-manufacturing industry had the strongest performance in the wholesale and retail sectors, followed by the transportation and warehousing industry. 

According to the Department of Statistics, revenue of the non-manufacturing industry reached NT$3.7642 trillion last year, an annual increase of 17.4%. 

WT Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Yang Ming and Chunghwa Telecom were the top three individual companies in this segment. 

The Department of Statistics further pointed out that last year, the transportation and storage industry’s operating income increased by more than five times annually, making the most significant contribution, with Yang Ming (NT$148.9 billion) and Wan Hai Lines (NT$54.7 billion) and Chunghwa Telecom (NT$41.7 billion) in third place. 

Investment in fixed assets was NT$34.3 billion for Chunghwa Telecom, and NT$14.3 billion and NT$13.9 billion for Wan Hai Lines and China Airlines, respectively. 

Overall, the Department of Statistics said that last year, the primary operating indicators of listed companies hit a new record in the past five years, and their performance was remarkable. 

In addition to revenue and operating income, the operating income ratio also climbed to 10.3%, an annual increase of 3.2 percentage points. 

Investment in fixed assets also exceeded NT$1 trillion for the second consecutive year, reaching NT$1.4732 trillion last year, an annual increase of 45.6%. 

Translated by DB, cnPOST