Vivotek: Order-transfer effect may continue and 2H19 revenue may grow

Vivotek(3454-TW) held a shareholder meeting today on June 6th. Vivotek chairman Owen Chen pointed out that catalyzed by the order-transfer effect from US-China trade war, the company’s 2Q19 revenue momentum was strong. Institutional investors expected that the company’s 2Q19 revenue may hit a new high and its 2Q19 GM may soar. In 2H19, the order-transfer effect may continue, and the revenue is expected to increase by 40-50% or more YoY.

Chen told that the security monitoring industry is better this year, but the competition is still fierce. Vivotek’s Vice Chairman Zhongwei Gu said that the visibility of orders in June was not bad, maintaining high. In addition, since the NTD depreciation against the USD, its GM may grow.

In 2H19, the company told that catalyzed by the following: a) inventory replenishment from OEM customers, b) high demand for inventory ramp-up, c) the focusing on smart cities, smart retail, smart transportation and other fields, d) the strengthening of the smart home layout, Vivotek’s 2H19 revenue may grow 50% YoY. Moreover, the company may also receive the orders from Hikvision.