Cathay Financial Holding loss NTD124.7bn of unrealized gain in 1 year

Cathay Financial Holding (2882-TW) held an investor conferences today on March 25th. After the stock market crash in 4Q18, its unrealized gain of financial assets dropped NTD124.7bn in a year from NTD51.6bn in FY17 to a loss of NTD73.1bn in FY18. However, Chung-Yi Teng., deputy general manager and spokesperson of Cathay Financial Holding told that as the capital market become stabilized this year, the number has risen by NTD100bn.

Cathay Financial Holding 's FY18 net profit was NTD51.8bn (-9% YOY) with EPS of NTD3.95. Due to large fluctuation in the stock exchange last year, its subsidiary Cathay Life Insurance's FY18 net profit was only NTD30.3bn (-16.5% YoY). On the other hands, catalyzed by the growth of fee income, its subsidiary Cathay United Bank’s FY18 net profit grew to NTD21.3bn (+8% YoY). Its ROE fell slightly from 10% in FY17 to 8.8% in FY18.